Giving Back: 2014

Every year we like to choose a local organization to support. This year we have chosen Birth Choice of Temecula.

A little bit about them:

“The mission of Birth Choice of Temecula is to foster a Christ-like view of human life and sexuality by offering hope and compassionate help, thus enabling positive, life-affirming choices.”¬†

They give women alternatives to what seems like the only way out of an unplanned pregnancy. They provide physical, emotional, practical and spiritual help for women and men. They offer support and healing to women of past abortions. They provide education to the community on issues regarding the Sanctity of Human Life.

One of the ways they show support to these women is by throwing a huge annual baby shower for them. It is a way to show the women that they are loved and supported! Every mom-to-be that attends receives gifts ranging from blankets, beanies, booties, baby books, handprint kits, and nursing pillows. There is also a raffle for many other large items and services. We will be donating to this event this year. Check out their website if you want to learn more or if you know someone who could benefit from them:

Birth Choice Website