Baby Carson {Portraits} Temecula CA

Carson Mckay.

Born: May.7.2013

Weight: 7 lbs. 8 oz.

Height: 19 in.

Big Brother: Logan

We had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with these little’s and their parents. It was a lot of fun following them around their home, in their world…… and let me tell you Logan is amazing. He is instantly your friend and wants to show you everything and just “hang out” with you. It was pretty darn cute!

We asked mama what the biggest change has been with adding a new little guy to the family. Her response: “I am amazed at how much love we all have for him and how he just fits seamlessly in our life, its like he was always here! He is a special little man already with his own personality. It is fun to see the similarities and differences between the two boys.”

It was fun for us too!

This daddy is currently on deployment to Afghanastan. So, this mommy is doing this on her own. I have so much respect for military families and am so thankful for their sacrifices. Our hope is that this daddy was able to take a few of these photos from this day with him to put a smile on his face while he is away.


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