The Look

So, we haven’t been on the blog for a while. We have been shooting like crazy (man I have a lot of pictures to go through!) and then in between, I decided I needed a little vacation with my family. I will leave that fun story for another day. It is a good one, trust me. But for now, I have to ask the following (and this is mainly for any woman who has had a child). Can you pick out a “new mom” that is out shopping at Target for the first time WITHOUT her newborn baby? I can…. They have a “look”…..they have that “I am totally alone, no baby connected to me, all by myself, glossy eyed, giddy, look”…….. and I totally remember that feeling (and I know I had that look) the first time I left the house by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my kids and love being with them, but all you mama’s know that feeling! I was at Target yesterday, with my kiddos in tow, pushing my cart along. I get to the diaper section, look down the aisle and there she was….. a new mom, out for the first time without her little one!  I just had to laugh to myself, and I wanted to say to her (but I didn’t) enjoy these few moments! You deserve it!

With that, I leave you with this picture I found taken one year ago. A couple weeks later, I gave birth to that spicy little girl I was carrying!

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