this … that … and the other

I don’t have a personal blog. I am rarely on Facebook. I don’t journal. I guess it is just all in my head somewhere, rolling around. I am a thinker. I can analyze and reanalyze with the best of them, yet never speak of it or write it down. This may be a problem, it may not be. As I was going through a recent wedding we shot and getting ready to post it on the blog, I thought, why not create a section of our blog where we can jot down some of those thoughts, feelings, worries & fears….you name it. Maybe it would be good to get them down on paper. Ok, sounds good, but what do we call it? Who knows. I am really not that creative. I see other things people came up with and think “that’s so creative”…. “I didn’t get that gift”. After many brainstorming days, we came up with “This … That … and the Other”…….probably not the most original, but it is kind of all encompassing. It allows us to throw anything we feel out there on any given day. ┬áSo, when you see this title pop up, it will be something about this … that … or the other.

Ps. check out this face. Gotta love it…..and no, the shirt didn’t come clean. I tried for 3 days to get the dirty, greasy black stuff, along with the ketchup out. I now use the shirt as a rag.


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