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Lyndsy and I thought it would be fun to do a new type of blog every Monday. Something a little different, but relevant to photography and life. Each week will be a new topic and the content will focus on education, show and tell, and some tips of the trade. Tune in each week for lots of fun!

A question that we get quite often is, “What should I wear to my engagement session? Or, “What looks good on camera?” Or, “What should I wear with my outfit to make it stand out?”

It can be hard to find the perfect outfit for this type of session because there are so many different types to choose from. Engagement sessions are one of our favorites to shoot and having the right attire can make all the difference. We will talk more about types of clothes that work great at engagement sessions in another blog, but this post is all about the accessories! Who doesn’t love a few great accessories!?!

Accessories make an outfit and they really pop on camera. They can add pizzaz to a casual, simple outfit or they can accent and pull together more formal attire. Any type of outfit can use a few accessories! You don’t have to go crazy or wear something that you aren’t comfortable with, but adding a little color, sparkle, definition or some charm to your attire will make your engagement photos stand out. Just keep your style in mind. You want your engagement photos to tell a story and allow your personalities and styles to shine through. Have your accessories show that.

This information is valid for both the girls and the guys! Everyone can participate in the world of accessories. Here are a few fun photos and categories of accessories we love and we hope that they help get your fashion juices flowing!

First up…

The ladies!

{1. Scarfs}

Scarfs are always a fun way to add color and layers to your outfit. They look great with a simple shirt for a casual look.


{2. Jewelry}

Jewelry gives some sparkle and shine to make your outfit pop on camera. Choose items that compliment the color scheme of the outfit or match your shoes!


{3. Shoes!!!}

We always love taking pictures of shoes! Pick ones that stand out and make a statement. They can also be paired with the jewelry to really make your outfit unique.


Last but not least…

The Men!



{1. Watches}

 Watches are a great accessory for men. Choose a watch that is not too big, but not to small. Large watches can sometimes look really big in photos.

{2. Ties}

Ties add a fancy touch to a more casual button up shirt. This can be an easy way to dress it up a bit! They can also add some fun color to the outfit.


{3. Belts}

Belts tie an outfit together. Choose a belt that matches the color scheme and also accents the color of your shoes.



{4. Shoes!!!}

Shoes are important for men. They should blend in with an outfit but also have a fun style that stands out in a few shots. You don’t want shoes that take over the photo!


Hope you enjoyed all the accessories just as much as we did! See you next time for a feature on one of our favorite wedding vendors!

{Photo Credits: Pinterest}

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