Engagement Session Tips

Happy Monday Everyone! Today we are going to give you a few fun tips to make your engagement session great! Enjoy!

1. Learn to Work with Your Partner and your Photographer:

An engagement session is the perfect time for you and your future spouse to get some experience working in front of the camera. It is also a great time to get to know your photographer and learn how to work together. This helps a lot when your wedding day comes around. Have fun with each other and don’t be afraid to loosen up and be yourselves. Just hang out and act like the camera isn’t there! We love capturing your personalities and having that show in the photos.

2. Select a location that is important to you as a couple:

Let us know of a place that is important to you and your relationship. We want to capture unique aspects of your relationship. We have lots of places that we love to shoot at, but if you have a specific location that means a lot to you please let us know! The photo below is at the spot where this couple got engaged. We re-created a similar atmosphere of that very special time for them.

3. What to Wear:

We usually recommend that couples have at least 2 outfits for there engagement session. (3 outfits probably being the most that we can fit into one session) Look for outfits that reflect you as a couple. You can go for a certain theme (vintage, retro, etc) or you can just stick with casual or formal attire. Accessories always make a great addition to your outfit! (See our post about accessories here) We love different patterns and styles and outfits that incorporate lots of layers. We would recommend that the outfits should be less “matchy-matchy” and more relaxed and fun. We also absolutely LOVE shoes! Make sure your shoes are camera ready! 🙂

4. What to expect at your engagement session:

The shoot will last about 1 hour, maybe longer depending on location and if there is a location change. We will start by doing a few warm up shots! This helps to get everyone comfortable and relaxed. We will pose you and direct you throughout the entire session. If you have any suggestions of what poses you would like or different spots that you think are great please let us know!

5. Be yourself and have fun:

These types of shoots are a lot of fun! We love getting to know our couples more at these sessions. You can even bring a few fun props that show who you are in a unique way. (This couple brought props to represent their different lines of work in a very fun way! What guy doesn’t love a hot pink hard hat!?!)  We love to create a casual atmosphere where everyone can just be themselves and most importantly have fun!!!

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