Giving Back

As we sat at Starbucks and talked about what we wanted for 2013, professionally, spiritually and personally, we both agreed that this year we were going to “give back”. But, the question was how, to who, why were we doing this? There are so many awesome organizations and needs within our world, country, and very own city. With much prayer and discussion between ourselves and also with our business partners (aka husbands), we decided that we wanted to give back to one family, or one “cause” if you will per year. One that really hits home to us or has a personal connection. We want to be able to document it through the lens and follow up periodically throughout the year.

In 2009 my dear friend, Deanna, was diagnosed with cancer. Her world was rocked and forever changed. She not only was facing cancer, but her and Ryan, her husband, had to decide on the treatment and the possibility that she would never be able to have a baby. After much prayer, tears, discussion, and meetings with every specialist out there, they chose for her to have a hysterectomy. Before this was done, however, they took the huge leap of faith (spiritually, emotionally, and financially) to freeze embryos for the possibility of someday having a surrogate carry their child.

Fast Forward to 2010. My dear friend, Whit, could not stop thinking about carrying a child for Deanna. God had placed this on her heart so strongly. One day, I get an email from Whit asking me: Lyns, would you be able to do this?” …. In my head, as I thought about my response, I said to myself, “yeah I could totally do that for my friend, but would I be willing to do that?” “After all, I work (so does Whit), I have 2 small children and a husband of my own (so does Whit). That email really stuck with me. Through conversations with Whit over the past year, she has taught me so much about being selfless and also about being an unconditional friend. Her attitude is so amazing as is her husbands for being on board with this. And, I know Deanna and Ryan feel the same way!

We are now well into the year 2013 and the plan is for the surrogacy process to begin in June of this year! I am so hopeful that this will work and they will be able to have a baby (or two!)

Amanda and I have decided that this year, we will donate a portion of each of our weddings to Deanna and Ryan’s fund to help with the cost of this process (it is a lot folks to make a baby this way!).

We will be posting “updates and pictures” as it unfolds throughout, we hope you check in with us…… And cannot wait to see what God has planned!

Lyndsy and Amanda

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