Giving Thanks

During the month of November many people make a “thankful” post each day.

This year, my family decided that we were going to try to recognize and give thanks for the littlest of details in our everyday life.

Each night over dinner, we would discuss and write one thing on the chalkboard. It was neat to hear what my littles noticed.

I had to share a few of my favorites….straight from the mouths of my 2 little babes.

“the ability for our bodies to heal.”

“games and puzzles to play so we get smarter.”

“to laugh and be goofy.”

“the little girl that insists she sit on the counter with me every morning to help me get ready.”

(ok, this one was mine)

“our physical talents.”

“the ocean….how God holds back the waters so we don’t drowned.”

(I was really impressed with this one!)

“the land to grow food on.”

(this one’s for you Farmer Kenny)


be thankful for the little things.

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