Kentucky Derby Fundraiser {Portraits} San Luis Obispo Ca

As promised, we wanted to keep everyone who is following this great story updated.

May 4th was the Kentucky Derby, so Deanna’s good friend Jaime Strand from Holland Ranch (San Luis Obispo)

decided to put on a “Kentucky Derby” Fundraiser.

It included Mint Julep’s, Horse Betting, a Silent Auction and really BIG hats!

Everyone had an awesome time….success!

Last week, the final paperwork was completed.

This week, Whit (the surrogate) is starting the hormones/shots.

The entire process has been a journey and it is only the beginning!

I am praying that Whit and Matt can stay calm and create the most ideal environment for this to happen in.

I am praying that Deanna and Ryan stay focused on Jesus and TRUST HIM.

stay tuned.



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