For those of you who know me, you know that I am not always the most organized or the best planner, but I am pretty darn good at being all over the place! 🙂 It was once quoted that I have more dreams than a dreamcatcher. There is one thing in my life that has remained constant, always steady, never failing. That would be the infamous Sheryl Johnson…Aka Martha Stewart… or my mom!
She has always been the voice of reason that has kept me grounded and not too far off the reality scale! 🙂
She has a heart of gold and she is great at everything she does. Just look at her thriving and sucessful quilting business (… she’s super woman!
But that strong, beautiful heart of gold needs a tiny little fix…on September 2nd to be exact! But we all know that if anyone can recover from open heart surgery it would be her, and she will try to do it faster so she can get right back to it!

This is for my mom whom I love with all my heart! Praying for you and your strong, steady heart! 🙂

Love Amanda

P.S. She is going to be sooooo mad at me for putting this picture on the internet but I couldn’t resist!

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