The Surrogacy Path: Follow up to Ryan & Deanna

About this time last year Amanda and I gave a little background on Ryan and Deanna’s Story. They are dear friends of mine and so this one hits close to home (click here to see our first post). As we are well into the new year, I felt like I needed to give an update.


Everything seemed to be falling into place. All of the fundraisers were done and a HUGE success. Whitney (the surrogate) was finishing up a school year (she’s a teacher) and ready to start the initial steps of preparing her body for the transfer, the Dr’s were very optimistic and ┬áRyan and Deanna were ready to become parents!

The transfer was made.

They celebrated that night…the 10 day wait began…. we all prayed and anxiously waited. My prayer: “Lord, this has to happen, everything has fallen into place…. you took them down this crazy path to show them that they needed to give this to YOU, to have complete trust in YOU…..they have done that and now it’s their turn to experience this miracle.

It felt like 4 months to Whit and Deanna & Ryan, but the day had finally come. To draw the blood, to find out.

The test was negative.

The answer was not what they were expecting. They knew it was a possibility, but oh so hard to hear those real words.

“Why God? These two have been through so much and trusted you, like you told them.” “Why take them down this road, where everything seemed to fall into place, for it to be a dead end?” And God quietly told me: “Because this might not be the ending your mind and heart wanted, but I have something better for them.” “It might not be the way you all pictured it, but just trust me.”


Deanna and Ryan are enjoying life, taking one day at a time and trusting God.

They will be parents when God is ready…. and when that day comes, it will be a glorious.

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