{Travel} El Porvenir, Mexico

Last month my family and I went to El Porvenir, Mexico to visit my sister Stephanie. She is currently living there full time working as a missionary with Ventana Ministries. It was so great to finally see the place she calls home. She had told us many times that the place was beautiful but I had no idea what to expect. I have been to Mexico before on short term missions trips, but this part of Mexico was different than any place I had been. It was a beautiful drive filled with rolling hills, random road side livestock, rustic wood fences, coastline views and acres and acres of vineyards. I took my Nikon point and shoot camera with me on this trip. It’s not my favorite camera to use but it’s easy to travel with. Here are some photos of our trip. I love all the different textures,¬†architecture, styles and scenery. Enjoy!


This is Stephanie! My mom made her a handmade quilt. We had to take a photo! So proud of you Stephanie and all that you do. You are a beautiful person inside and out. Love you…


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